Dreaming Bigger Dreams

A few weeks ago, Justin and Mary and SHOWIT teamed up to do a three day live chat called The BIG Next straight from their living room. They had in studio participants who got live, on-air mentoring sessions with Mary; they gave away a ton of prizes (one of which I WON! I don’t usually do or say this, but I literally shouted into my empty house HOLLER!!) And of course, what is no surprise any time Justin and Mary are involved, they fully paid it forward and spread all kinds of love all over everyone who was watching. This thing literally changed my life. I CANNOT WAIT to go see them next month for my own mentoring session and their Walk Through a Wedding workshop. It’s going to rock my world all over again.

However, while I could go on about the awesomeness of Justin and Mary all day long, this post isn’t really about them (sorry guys). It’s about learning, and even more importantly, letting yourself dream bigger dreams. Dreaming has never been an issue with me. I’m that girl who spent her whole life wishing and waiting for the next step. In middle school I wanted to be in high school, in high school I wanted to be in college, in college I wanted to be married and have a career. And now I’m here, I’m at that point in my life that I’ve literally been wishing for since the 8th grade. I’m married to the love of my life, I’m building a business to be proud of. And yet still somehow it’s not enough. But even the bigger issue than that is that somewhere along the way, I stopped dreaming. I stopped looking ahead to try and figure out what’s next and I just got stuck in where I am. I won’t lie to you, December was a rough month for me. I had every reason to be happy, and yet, I just…wasn’t. I got caught in the day to day, bogged down by the mundane, lost in the swirling vortex (thanks Mary!) of just MAINTAINING the life that I had, and I wasn’t striving for anything more. And I’ll be completely honest, since starting my new job, I’ve still been feeling a bit stuck, lost in the maintaining again. But to quote my all time favorite TV show, NCIS, Gibbs says “DiNozzo, if it was easy, I would send Joe the Janitor!” Life isn’t about being easy. It is about taking the obstacles and the hardships you’re thrown and turning them into something wonderful, something to be proud of.

They say that attitude is everything. And I say that it’s a new year and it’s time for a new attitude. The Big Next changed the way I’ve been thinking about my life and my business, and I’m ready to put that change into action. 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for me business wise – I’ve got a workshop and mentoring session with Justin and Mary, a coaching session with Katelyn James, I’m shooting my first out of state wedding in August, and I’m going to what promises to be a fantastic women’s conference in October. Seriously, the word “pumped” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

For me this year is going to be all about dreaming bigger dreams and doing more than I think I can. For me, 2013 will be all about changing and growing and challenging myself, and through it all, the most important challenge will be to remember to be happy with where I am now, but to never stop dreaming. So tell me, because you know I want to know. What is 2013 all about for you? What bigger dreams will you be dreaming this year? What challenges will you be accepting to make this your best year ever??

And just because I haven’t played with Photoshop in a while, I thought I’d turn three of my favorite quotes into pretty things. <3


Happy Tuesday Friends!!

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  1. Alissa says:

    I’m so stinking proud of you it’s absolutely unbelievable. We’re totally talking about this post later this evening over froyo! :)

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